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 about the studio

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Y. M. Dar Art & Design studio is known for its embracing atmosphere. Merging old and new, the studio elevates spaces in a unique delicacy allowing architectural features to sing and enhance the space as the experience in it. Our ability to collaborate attentively with our clients allows us to tailor fit the interior incorporating practicality, aesthetics and comfort to your life style.


 about me


My name is Yehudit Mizrahi Dar, I am the head designer of Y.M. Dar Art & Design studio established in 2009. Transforming spaces is a fascination of mine ever since childhood when I started by moving furniture around. I woke up early and rearranged the house and when my mother woke up, I observed her re-experiences the space and drive conclusions of it. Building awareness, I started to notice that a house is a living thing; the functions it has to comply with are changing on the micro level-along the day and on the macro- along the years. Growing up in the trajectory of professional contemporary dance, I became more aware of the impact of space on the moving body.

from body to object to space...


After graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy with BFA of fine arts, I was freely exploring the elements of color, texture and pattern and its composition in space. Whether it is a kinetic sculpture in a great hall of an office building, a breakfast restaurant on the Prinsengracht or a small house in the middle east, my fascination is to find different ways to utilize a given space and create a unique synergy from all the given elements.




our services


Full interior design

  • Restaurant design;

  • Office design

  • Retail design

  • Studio design

  • Private accommodation interior design;


Partial interior design

  • Master bedroom design

  • Children bedroom design

  • Bathroom design

  • Kitchen design

  • Guest room design

  • Living room design

  • Walk-in closet design



  • Dressing up your space

  • building up atmosphere

the design process


You’ve got the space and … now what?


It can be rather overwhelming to stand in front of four walls and have a big question mark pulsing in your head…and… this is where I come in ;-)


My intention is to surpass this challenge to be both an empowering joyful process and a prime space for you.

I can help you transform a space to be supportive environment that empowers you and all the other “space users”. With smart layout design, all needed functions will have their designated areas that will attentively put together into a prime layout to allow maximum use of your space. My wish is to create a smooth movement between areas and functions while tuning in to the right atmosphere for every separate section.


Practically speaking:


  • We make an appointment via mail or via the contact form down below.

  • We meet and discuss the scope of the project and the service I can offer in relation to the project’s needs. In this meeting, you will have the space and time to share your ideas, dreams, thoughts and concerns about the space at hand and I will compose an offer for you.

  • After the acceptance of the offer, we will start the design process, build up a project planning and time frame.

thoughts about design

///A room with a view///


First and foremost, we must acknowledge the *proven fact that our physical environment impacting directly on our well-being. The physical space surrounding our body creates a strong psychological influence over our thoughts and feelings whether the space is a private accommodation, public or commercial environment.

Not only the interiors but our surrounding landscape obviously has a fundamental influence over us. When I study and analyze a new interior project, I explore its surrounding landscape, sunlight direction and angles while this information enable me to use and emphasize the desirable features and find creative as practical solution for the undesired in correlation with the project’s needs.   

*Randomness increases self-reported anxiety and neurophysiological correlates of performance monitoring

///Your home as your second skin ///


Whether you are an individual a couple or a family of five, your space has a job and it is to support you and all members of your family in various aspects of life. Your physical, mental and inter-personal needs should be met as your home is your safe space where you can decompress and care for yourself and your loved ones.



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Groenhoedenveem 30,

1019 BL, Amsterdam NL

Thanks for submitting!

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